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Critical Appraisal Tools

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Lists of several tools:

  • From the University of South Australia, International Centre for Allied Health Evidence available here 
  • From the Netting the Evidence Wiki, available here


Boynton, P. M. & Greenhalgh, T. (2004). Hands-on guide to questionnaire research: Selecting, designing, and developing your questionnaireBMJ, 328,1312.


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Evidence based practice for information professionals: A handbook, London: Facet Publishing, 104-118.


CRiSTAL checklist on Appraising an Information Needs Analysis



CRiSTAL checklist on Appraising a User Study

http://nettingtheevidence.pbwiki.com/f/use.doc [Word doc]  


Critical appraisal skills programme (CASP) critical appraisal tools based on study type



Glynn, L. (2006). A critical appraisal tool for library and information research. Library Hi Tech 24(3), 387-399.


Long, A.R. et al. (2002).  Health Care Practice R&D Unit Evaluation tool for quantitative studies.  



Long, A.R. et al. (2002). Health Care Practice R&D Unit Evaluation tool for mixed methods studies



Koufogiannakis, D., Booth, A., & Brettle, A. (2006). Reliant: Reader's Guide to the Literature on Interventions Addressing the Need for Education and Training. Library & Information Research, 30,(94) 44-51. 


Morrison, J.M., Sullivan, F., Murray, E., & Jolly, B. (1999). Evidence-based education: Development of an instrument to critically appraise reports of educational interventions. Medical Education, 33, 890-893.


Worksheet for Critical Appraisal of Qualitative Research (McMaster University)


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Genevieve Gore said

at 6:41 am on Nov 4, 2010

The link to CASP no longer works. Seems to have moved to http://www.sph.nhs.uk/what-we-do/public-health-workforce/resources/critical-appraisals-skills-programme/?searchterm=casp and I think the relevant section of the page is called Critical Appraisal Skills Programme Tools but you may want to check that. Too bad we can't edit the pages too (?)

Lorie said

at 12:47 pm on Nov 4, 2010

Thanks for pointing that out, Gen. I have corrected the link.

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